What is The Exhibit Series? The Exhibit is a collaboration between 11 graffiti artists from around the world and Ecko Unlimited. A year in the making, this project represents the best of what can happen when art, commerce and Marc Ecko collide.

Conceptualized by Marc Ecko—whose own association with graffiti goes back to his roots as a graffiti artist and the foundation on which Ecko Unlimited was built— The Exhibit is an opportunity for each of the artists to express him or herself through a specific color on tshirts, fragrance, hats, backpacks, headphones, wallets — whatever inspires them.

With the help of famed graffiti artist and outspoken street art advocate, Alan Ket, Marc asked each artist to revisit Ecko Unlimited’s graffiti-inspired past. The result is a thoroughly modern collection of colorful products — from belts to skateboards—that showcases some of the most original graffiti art that’s being made today.